Protect Your Child With Parental Control Software

Caution - Dangerous Area!From searching for information, streaming music videos, communication with friends, the internet provides a great educational and recreational resource for your children. However, it also poses many dangers and risks and as a parent, you need to be cautious and ensure that your kids can use the internet safely.

The internet is full of tricksters, dangerous people, inappropriate content that you need to protect your children from. Kids are vulnerable and with the free access to information and communication online, they risk being influenced negatively by just about anything or anyone worldwide.

One popular and effective way of protecting your kids online is using parental control software. Parental control software, as explained on the Kids’ Shield website and on PC Mag online, can protect your kids from inappropriate content, limit the usage of computer devices and monitor or track your kid’s online activity

Popular online risks for children

  1. Cyber bullying- Studies show that 30% of teens have been bullied more than once online, with only one percent reporting the incident to their parents
  2. Pornography- Children as young as eleven are exposed to pornography online. Most of the exposures occur at home, 70% come across porn accidentally, while others search for it actively.
  3. Sexual predators- Many teens admit to having received unwelcome sexual solicitation from people way older. Some of the teens have been left very afraid or distressed due to aggressive sexual behavior and solicitation from their perpetrators. It’s thus very important for parents to monitor their kids activities online to prevent these kinds of dangerous situations.
  4. Digital abuse- Studies indicate that 41% of teenagers have had some form of digital dating abuse.
  5. Social networking sites- 8% of teenagers confess to posting their private cell phone number on their profiles. 58% do not see anything wrong with posting their contacts or photos online.
  6. Strangers- According to studies, 69% of teenagers receive messages regularly from strangers and don’t tell their parents about it. These private messages are normally explicit or prompt teens to diverge private information such as their age, where they live and where they go to school.

Benefits of Parental control software

  • Protect your kids from predators- As mentioned above children are at a very high risk of being exploited and even harmed by predators online. The predators usually contact kids via chat rooms, emails, and social networks and slowly woe the kids into doing their perverted desires. Though not majority chat users, predators could and do target innocent children. Using parental control software can keep away predators by blocking certain instant messenger apps and social networks. Parental control software can help you impose some degree of control over certain websites and applications
  • Block inappropriate content- You can find just about anything by doing a simple search online. Even when your child isn’t actively searching for such content online, they could easily come across a website, pop-up or blog with inappropriate content. Some parental control applications are able to detect adult themed or porn sites before your kid accesses them. This will save your child from adult themed content and allow for a more productive and safer surfing experience
  • Increase your kid’s productivity- Apart from blocking adult themed content, you can also block certain games and fun sites your kids are likely to visit so that they can focus more on homework and other productive activities. Parental control software will allow your kids to access valuable information online without the risk of coming across inappropriate content or too many distractions
  • Enhanced computer security- Apart from protecting your kids from the many risks and dangers online, parental control software can also protect your computer and data by blocking sites that are likely to be harmful for your computer. Parental control programs are no substitute to antivirus programs but they can prevent access to a potential harmful website to ensure your PC or laptop stays virus free
  • Monitor activity- Parental control programs can be used to monitor your children’s activity to know which sites your kid’s access or what they get up to when you aren’t around. Knowing the kinds of sites can help prevent potential dangerous situations by talking to your kids about the dangers and/or blocking the sites altogether.

Using effective Parental control software such as Net Nanny, K9 Webprotect and others can help protect your kids from the many potential online dangers and risks. The programs can help protect your kids’ privacy, reputation, identity, and most importantly their dignity.




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